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Respect for the environment

At Church House Westminster, in partnership with our owner, The Corporation of the Church House, we are committed to working in a sustainable way. The following is a list of some of things we do to minimise our impact on the environment:

We “recycle” our building. Church House Westminster is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Corporation of the Church House, whose main responsibility is to provide for the maintenance and upgrading of The Church House. By continual investment into our building we avoid the necessity of and environment impact of building a new building.

With the refurbishment project in 2006, we have completed a six year project to completely update the heating, ventilation and lighting systems in the 240,000 square feet building. The new system allows for second-by-second control of energy consumption in Church House while improving comfort levels. We measure our Carbon Footprint on an annual basis and expect that with the new systems we will be able to reduce the Footprint at the same time as we increase the number of staff housed in Church House by 25%. Movement sensitive lighting was installed in refurbished areas of the building so lights turn off when no one is in our rooms ñ this is one example of the improvements made with the new systems.

The refurbishment project has also increased the amount of natural light coming into the building thereby reducing the energy requirement for artificial lighting.

Our catering contractors, Ampersand, are 100% commited to reducing “food miles” whenever and whereever it is possible thereforefore being able to satisfy the needs of all of our clients.

Sustainable and  Fair Trade products are offered across the range.

We recycle:

• Glass

• Paper

• Ink/copier cartridges

• Plastic

• Cans

Sales and marketing materials are all printed on paper stock that is 80% recycled, 100% chlorine free and colours used for printing are all vegetable dyes.

Supplies provided for delegates’ use (70,000 people a year) are all made from recycled materials. Delegate pens are made using recycled material, notepads and flipchart paper is all recycled paper, coasters for delegate glasses are made from recycled tyres. Marker pens for use on flipcharts are recycled.

All headed stationary is printed in-house only as and when needed to avoid waste from over ordering and excess use of paper.

Procures are given to clients on pre-loaded USBs to help minimise the use of printed brochures.

We have in-house water bottling facilities which uses reusable glass bottles. Water jugs are also used if preferred by clients. Disposable cups and bottles are never used or supplied.

All “back of house” operational paperwork uses both sides of a sheet of paper before it is recycled. All letterhead and printer/photocopier paper is purchased as 100% recycled and then recycled once used.

Cleaning products used by Church House Westminster are 94% biodegradable. All towels and toilet paper supplied in our venue is made from 95% recycled paper.

All toilets are fitted with water reduction devices to reduce the amount of water used by the building.

Healthy food and well being

Our in-house caterer, Ampersand, always use simple, fresh and wherever possible local ingredients. They offer a wide range of healthy catering options for clients: MENUS

Contributing to the community

At Church House Westminster, we welcome students for work placements during which we endeavour to pass on our knowledge and expertise to the aspiring event professionals and give them an insight into life in the workplace. We have worked with students from Westminster Kingsway College and other local colleges.

Sourcing with integrity

From catering to stationary, we aim to purchase all products and supplies from local and sustainable sources.

Treating our people fairly

Working with the Investors in People standard, we follow the guidelines set out it our company guidelines 'Inspiring People' to ensure all members if the team are treated in a fair and respectful manner.

A safe working environment

All work stations are fitted with fully adjustable chairs, computer screens and foot rests to ensure a comfortable working environment for the team. All members of the team take part in compulsory safety training for the working environment.

5 tips on how to be a 'green visitor'

Leave your car at home – here in London we are very lucky to have an excellent transport network. Why not take the tube, hop on the bus, hire a ‘Boris bike’ or walk and take in the sights of our capital city. Buying an Oyster card makes travelling cheaper and easier.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Reduce the amount of paper you use by only printing when absolutely necessary and using electronic files and USBs wherever possible. Recycle any waste you have, avoid purchasing items that have excessive packaging and re-use carrier bags.

Respect nature – help us look after our green areas here in London – please take all your litter with you and use pathways and cycle-ways responsibly.

Shop local – there are many markets across London selling locally sourced foods, drinks, and arts and crafts.

Conserve energy – please keep windows closed when the heating is on and turn off any unnecessary lighting.  

Our 'Green' Events package

- Events space with minimum and maximum temperature controls to ensure only the minimum amount of energy is used for heating and cooling.

- Events space with natural daylight or energy saving light bulbs.

- Use of in-house AV services to avoid transportation required by external suppliers.

- All drinking water supplied is bottled on-site using re-usable glass bottles.

- Only fairly traded tea and coffee will be served.

- All menu options will be 100% vegetarian.

- Menu will use local, seasonal produce wherever possible.

- Any waste from the event will be recycled.

- All communications and brochures will be supplied electronically.


Cost: POA