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Church House Westminster seeks to make all reasonable efforts to comply with the provisions of the Equality Act 2010. To render the non-purpose-built conference centre welcoming to the widest possible audience, the following measures have been taken;

  • We carry out risk assessments and ensure personal evacuation plans are in place when we know in advance that anyone with a disability / mobility issues will be attending an event
  • The North Door entrance on Great Smith Street has a sloping ramp suitable for wheelchair access
  • The three passenger lifts by North Door are all wheelchair friendly, are equipped with mirrors and voice synthesisers announcing the floor and emergency information for sight impaired visitors
  • All rooms except the Jubilee room are accessible by wheelchair
  • There are large accessible toilets; one on the lower ground floor (close to the cloakroom) and two on the first floor
  • Induction loops are available upon request.  The reception desks at both entrances and all passenger lifts are fitted with induction loops
  • We provide access ramps to stages suitable for speakers requiring this facility
  • All rooms are flat-floored allowing for flexible seating arrangements
  • All staff participate in regular disability awareness training and are trained first aiders with current certification
  • We have a very limited number of disabled parking spaces in the garage beneath the building and porters are always on hand to assist clients.  We are happy to advise on additional disabled parking spaces nearby
  • Push buttons at a level suitable for those people using wheelchairs are provided for those seeking access to / from the garage and into the lifts to all floors
  • The reception desks have a lowered section to be wheelchair friendly
  • The speaker’s lecterns are height adjustable
  • There are four evacuation chairs located next to the stairs
  • There are three refuge areas
  • Mobile phone charging facilities are available in the conference office
  • The Church House website is mobile and tablet friendly. The website also allows visitors to zoom in and out using Ctrl + and -. It is possible to traverse objects, by selecting the 'Tab' button to select any area of the website. The site also uses alt tags making it accessible to visitors using non-visual browsers.