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I think I might be watching too much TV!

I am not sure why, but after weeks of isolation I think I am reaching Tipping Point! Is this the start of the Countdown to the end of lock down? I hear people ask, or is speculation just Pointless at this stage? Well, Have I got News for You, it’s neither, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or even a Mastermind or a bunch of Eggheads to figure out The Crystal Maze we all find ourselves in is no Love Boat! So is it Just A Question of Sport, and when it will return, that will allow our businesses to Open All Hours, or do we patiently wait to sip The Last of the Summer Wine, before considering a return to The Office, and the Good Life.

I am sure deep down we all miss our Friends at work and would love to be raising a glass and saying Cheers to those Happy Days! I really miss the smiling faces of Will and Grace and of course, how could I forget Raymond, Everyone Loves Raymond! But putting on our Suits and returning to soon could put us all in Jeopardy. So, be patient and Play your Cards Right, because As Time Goes By this will all become Lost in the Horrible Histories of Planet Earth.


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