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What Makes A Great Award Ceremony


What Makes A Great Award Ceremony?

When executed correctly, an awards ceremony is the perfect chance to offer thanks and gratitude to people within your organisation and/or community – and instil a sense of camaraderie and pride in everyone involved.

Our team have put together some tips for planning award ceremonies that deserve…an award! Read on….


Creating the Right Atmosphere 


 First, it’s a good idea to think about the atmosphere you want to create for your event. To do this, consider the purpose of the awards and why they’re being held – every company or organisation will be different. Is it:

  • A recurring awards ceremony to celebrate success amongst companies/individuals/groups.
  • A one-off show to celebrate a person or initiative.


Awards ceremonies all come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the organisation they’re being planned for. They can be:


  • Company-wide events for employees to receive accolades.
  • Industry-specific, celebrating companies that are making achievements in a certain sphere.


Depending on the type of award ceremony, you may wish to opt for a traditional black-tie evening, with everyone dressed up to the nines and looking smart. Some organisations may prefer a slightly more informal approach, being easy going, but still very celebratory.


Selecting the Right Venue


Probably the most important decision you will make in the process. The main factors to consider are: location, capacity, ambience, and facilities (in no particular order!) Choose somewhere easily accessible, a venue that will provide the right type of space for the activities you are planning, with an experienced team to handle the event planning and execution.


Food and Entertainment


Something delicious to eat and a full range of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are some of the best ways to help everyone relax and enjoy themselves on these occasions.

Knowing there’s a great on-site caterer to make it all happen can take a lot of the stress out of the process. At Church House, we have our own in-house caterers: Searcy’s who can create menus to tempt and entice – ensuring that every taste is catered for.

Considering your entertainment for the evening is another major element. You might want to think about hosting a live band, or singer – or perhaps a comedian who can get everyone laughing! Our in-house audio-visual team are on hand to help with this aspect of our events, so no need to worry about technical difficulties.


View our awards ceremony gallery here


If you’re looking for a venue with a highly experienced team to bring your Awards Ceremony vision to life; get in touch with us via our contact form, or call us on 020 7390 1590.


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