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Top questions to ask your venue when planning an event

Finding the perfect venue can be very exciting, however asking the right questions is key to ensure you have exactly what you need for your event! We have put together a list of questions that we think are the most important to ask whilst researching venues for a shortlist and whilst on a show round.


1. Before you book in a show round

Once you have researched venues for your event and created a shortlist, the first thing to do would be to give them a call and see what information they may need to check availability on your preferred date. This will save time and disappointment going to visit lots of venues that may not be able to accommodate your event.


2. What’s the maximum capacity for the room I have chosen? Will my desired layout fit?

If you know already what style of event you will be hosting you can check if the venue can cater for your numbers straight away. But if not, it is a good idea to ask the capacities based on different styles for all the rooms you like, as they will vary!


3. What facilities does the venue offer? Cloakroom, Toilets, Security, Wi-Fi

Ask about facilities and if there are any additional costs incurred by using them, Wi-Fi for example you will need to be sure there will be reliable connectivity for all of your delegates on the day.


4. What time do we have access to the venue prior to the event for set up? And what time do we need to finish? Can I have things delivered to the venue in advance of my event?

Depending on the type of event you are organising, it may be important to have set up time prior to the event, or send literature, banners, all of which you would have to request from the venue. Asking this on your show round will mean it’s easier to get organised ahead of the event.


5. Do you offer in-house catering & audio visual?

And if not do they have a list of preferred suppliers for you to look through so you can decide if they are ones you would like to work with.


6. Will there be a dedicated co-ordinator looking after my event and there on the day?

Communication is vital for your event to run smoothly, and knowing your contacts at the venue will help you feel confident in all the elements they provide e.g. AV, catering etc.


7. Is there on-site parking if not what are the transport links? Are there any hotels nearby that can be recommended?

Get to know the surrounding area, and how easy it is for your delegates to reach the venue; can they drive and park? How long is the walk to the nearest transport, bus or tube/train? Knowing all the right information to send to your delegates will allow them to arrive at the venue, stress and hassle free.


8. Do you offer menu tastings? DDR rates?

Day delegate rates are always worth enquiring about for a meeting day hire and a menu tasting for a dinner, would enable you to ensure the food looks and tastes exactly how you want it to.


9. When do you require final numbers for catering and set up?

This will let you know your deadline for final information and you can let all delegates know when they will have to RSVP by, forward planning will hopefully make life easier later on.


10. Do I need to pay a deposit, if so how much and when by? What is your cancellation policy?

This information can usually be found in the T&C’s but all venues vary with their policies and it is good information to have from the start before signing anything.



For more information please do get in touch via our contact form or give us a call on 020 7390 1590 to discuss your event.


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