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Top Event Trends in 2023


At Church House, we know a thing or two about running events. Our team collectively hold several decades of experience in planning world-class, show-stopping events; and we’ve seen a number of key trends emerge this year already – read ahead for our team’s top picks….

Sustainable Events

Sustainability is top of the agenda for organisations not only nationally but across the world. The need for sustainable practices extends to several areas of business operation, and events are no different.

There are a number of ways you can create sustainable events, in the first instance choose a sustainable venue; and they will take care of the rest for you! Think of the different aspects of your event, and then see where you can make improvements. Catering, utensils, decor, & travel arrangements are all areas to be considered.

As a highly conscious venue, we simplify the process of achieving a sustainable event. Our venue has undergone a number of significant improvements in the last few years that have greatly increased efficiencies and energy saving. We have also partnered with premier caterer, Searcy’s, who share our passion for sustainability. In addition to this, our work has also been recognized by several agencies, such as Greengage, who have awarded us Platinum status for our commitment to carbon reduction in our venue, and supply chain.

Experience-led events

Attendee experience is really what events are all about! You want your event to have an impact that lasts way into the future, creating anticipation and demand for any future events you may have.

Be very clear in your event brief about what it is you hope to achieve by holding the event, and define the needs and wants of your audience – use this to shape your key themes. Conduct research to make sure you are aware of the current factors that are affecting your attendees – this will help you build out your key themes, making sure your attendees gain maximum value from your event.

Our events team can work with you to collaboratively explore the concepts and experiences your guests will likely enjoy most!

In-person Events

2023 sees a real desire in people to connect with others face to face. While hybrid and online events are still incredibly popular & showing no signs of stagnation – in-person events are back and very much in demand.

Our beautiful venue is Grade II listed, yet has all the technology needed to create modern, show-stopping experiences, providing a further benefit to holding in-person events.

If you’re looking for a venue that can accommodate a variety of events, with a team that are highly experienced in bringing your event brief to life – get in touch with us via our contact form, or call us on 020 7390 1590.



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