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Top 10 audio-visual related questions to ask a venue when planning your event?

When planning your event, audio-visual facilities can be a vital element to get right but is something we are not all experts in. Which is why you need to ask the right questions to ensure you have provided all the information a technician needs to know and you can understand what level of support you will have on the day.

Our in-house audio-visual team have put together a list of questions that they think would be important to ask a venue on a show round.

1.         Will I have a dedicated AV technician for my event?

Knowing you have a dedicated technician on the day will be reassurance that any audio-visual problems you encounter, can be assisted with. Whether it be prior to your event or on the day.


2.         Do you offer packages for AV?

At venues, AV packages are usually available for rooms, asking for these in advance can help you clearly see AV that can be used in your chosen room.


3.         What is your wi-fi capabilities? What band-width will I have access to on the day?

Reliable wi-fi can be something that events are dependent on and even if its not, then delegates will still want to stay connected. Always check there will be good wi-fi rather than just assuming.


4.         If I have a presentation for the day, what format do I bring a presentation in/ can I send it to you?

Again for those of us who are not AV experts, this is a great question to ask on a site visit, as bringing your presentation in on a memory stick may not mean it is compatible with the screens that you will use on the event day. Knowing what format it needs to be in or seeking help from the technicians in advance of the conference will help save time and possible problems on the day itself.


5.         Is there any AV included in my event room hire?

Asking this question whilst on your initial site visit, will help with budgeting as you will know what there is to pay for. All AV inclusions vary dependent on venue and room.


6.         Can my event be recorded?

Having your meeting, presentation or conference recorded can provide added value after your event as it can be shared and replayed in the future or to other members of your company.


7.         What facilities do you have to include remote participants? Video/ Audio conferencing

If you have delegates who can’t make it to your event, or you wish to reach global participants, having options on ways to include them can be vital whether it be via an audio dial-in or live video webcasting. Asking in advance again will help with budgeting.


8.         What branding and signage can you offer for my event?

Making your event identifiable to your delegates or marketing your brand/company throughout the event space is key for events, requesting how this can be offered at a venue will help you with planning and to see your options, whether it be gobo projection or branding on lectern or stage set or all.


9.         What can we do in terms of audience interaction with social media, voting, event apps?

Depending on the type of event you are hosting, being able to have audience interaction could be beneficial, whether it be for a quiz as part of entertainment in an evening event or a twitter wall or polls during conferences. Twitters walls and Slido are two examples of very popular services used.


10.        How can I make my event look really special?

There are so many ways you can use audio-visual to make your event look special, from lighting to event production! Speaking to the venues in-house audio-visual team about how you can use AV to create the perfect staging, lighting and sound for your event, may give you additional ideas to ensure your event looks great!


If you have any questions about audio-visuals availability in any of our Central London event venues, please call us on 020 7390 1590 or fill in our contact form.


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