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Tips on how to prepare for a successful product launch

It can be very stressful and exciting at the same time when preparing for your product launch. There are a lot of steps you have to take and things to work out before your event. This is likely to include choosing the right venue, choosing a theme and the timing. In this article we are going to discuss top tips that should help to prepare for a successful product launch.

Choosing a venue

One of the most important things when it comes to product launch is finding a venue that will fit your product and audience – the venue should complement your product and it should be located within easy reach of your audience. Although there are many venues available, knowing your desired location will help you to narrow the venues down. Remember that your product launch event is likely to get more attendees when the venue is accessible by public as well as private transport.

Choosing a theme

If you want to make your event memorable, it is always a good idea to think about entertainment. We’ve listed a few ideas for you to consider below:

  • Placing your product in a spotlight
    One of the entertainment ideas for your product launch can be placing your product in spotlight. For example, if you go for a circus style/act you can allow jugglers or other acrobats to have your product as part of their act. Just keep in mind if you choose bespoke performance acts like this your performers are likely to require more time in advance for the preparation. Also think about extra rooms you will require to keep the event staff.
  • Using branded entertainment
    If you decide to brand your entertainment it doesn’t mean you have to keep your logo on the screens as there are other ways that can help you to keep your branding prominent such as using the colours that reflect your logo or company colours. You can easily achieve this  using audio-visual options if the venue you hire can offer it.
  • Having entertainment that reflects your product
    If you feel like you want to go further than just incorporating your logo and company colours in the theme you can focus on the entertainment that will focus on your product. If you pick the right acts, you can reflect element of your brand or key features of the product your planning to launch.
  • Use a host
    Another way to theme or entertain your product launch event can include having a host that knows how to entertain your attendees and let them know why they are attending your launch in the first place, whether it is for your brand or your product. If you can use a famous comedian or professional presenter they can help you to create your evening cohesive whole.
  • Story telling
    Stories have always played a big part in branding. If you can incorporate your brand within a story or performance, it will help to make your brand or product more memorable and stick in the mind of the attendees. Another way to do this would be way of a short film shown at your event that helps to bring across your core branding, company ethos or use cases for the products you are promoting.


Event timing

We have listed a few questions below that should help you to make a decision:

  • When does your market needs your product
    Of course the best time to launch a product is when your customers have a demand for it. If you look at the market, can you see a clear need for your product? Performing market research or analysing social media platforms will help to gauge the level of interest in your products and to identify when the best time to hold your event may be.

Remember that your competitors may have also noticed the gap in the market and might be ready for it as well so do not delay it too much.

  • What season is best to launch your new product
    Clearly winter can be a great season to launch new winter related product such as new winter snow sports gear or clothing and January is ideal to launch a new get-fit line but its not so good for decadent desserts or new alcoholic drinks. Similarly travel products or warm weather clothing lines are best launched in Spring/Summer but luxury items should be avoided if there are financial announcement due to be made; Government budgets, elections etc.
  • Will you have your supply chain ready in time
    Your product launch checklist should also include the supply of your product. Make sure you will not suffer from running out a few days after your product launch and ensure your suppliers will be able to supply the demand or cope if there is going to be more than expected. It is best to avoid launching your product if you are unsure whether the demand by your customers will be fulfilled.

In this article we provided some tips and ideas on product launch and questions that you should ask yourself when preparing for your product launch event. If you wish to find more information about event marketing timeline you can find more in-depth article here that discuss event planning in separate steps: pre-event activities, event launch activities, day to day activities, last call activities.

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