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The UK Flavour Association celebrates their centenary at Church House Westminster

The UK Flavour Association celebrated its centenary on Thursday 21st September with a glittering gala dinner at Church House Westminster.

The UKFA represent the interests of the flavouring industry in the UK. They are the leading organisation dealing with the legislative and technical needs of the industry and are active in Europe through membership of the European Flavour Association, EFFA.

The evening was attended by 120 guests including leading flavour companies and Food & Drink Federation (FDF) representatives .

Whilst marking their 100th anniversary, the UKFA aimed to educate guests about how different senses contribute to the eating experience. Renowned experts provided interesting insights into the history of food and flavouring innovation, concluding with how the future is looking for the industry.

Research insights were also shared by Professor Charles Spence and his work with global food brands relating to multisensory dining and branding. During a 3-course dinner, guests were immersed in an interactive session of Sensploration activities aiming to identify how the perception of flavour can change with different stimuli. Activities involved guests tasting chocolate after looking at different facial expressions and rating the taste of wine whilst touching different textures of material.

Steve Morgan, Association Chair From UK Flavour Association commented: ““We chose Church House due to its location, grandeur and historic significance. It was the perfect backdrop for an event that celebrated 100 years of British flavour innovation”



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