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The future of meetings is hybrid, for now!

Four out of 10 tech company bosses said their businesses have been forced to delay major launches or campaigns because of difficulties caused by home working, according to a new survey conducted by software company Lucid.

Well, this is hardly surprising!

Creative team collaboration has taken a nosedive whilst working from home.

Of course, Zoom and other virtual meeting platforms were an alternative when we needed it. However, from experience, we can agree that the use of online meetings stifles creativity when it comes to project collaboration and brain showers. It is perceived by many as anti-social and we can all relate to either listening to a monologue or everyone speaking at once during these online meetings. Zoom fatigue is real, and some others have found it a draining experience. Even though you can be seen on-screen, you somehow feel ‘unseen’. And how many of us will confess to turning off the camera and doing something else during a call?

On the other hand, there is nothing quite like face-to-face meetings. Do you remember casual meetings, chance conversations in the open-plan office and watercooler moments that serendipitously and spontaneously spark ideas?

So, if we can’t all be physically meet in the same space due to restrictions, but we also want to avoid the negatives of going all-virtual for a meet-up, there is a model that combines the best of in-person and online, which is hybrid meetings.

Adopting the model of the hybrid meeting will negate the perception of sterile work culture. Try a hybrid teambuilding workshop to build camaraderie.

Inject some much-needed ‘human’ connection with a hybrid meeting that is not just transactional in nature. Reimagine onboarding new employees with a number of attendees in the room and those, who are shielding or unable to travel, being part of the same audience.

Find out how to harness the advantages of hybrid meetings by requesting a complimentary demonstration with the Audio-Visual Manager of Church House Westminster, Bradley Hill.

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