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The art of corporate team-building

“How do we navigate the next golden age of events?” – join our new series of online sessions.

Every week we interview a range of expert guests from the UK events industry to bring inspiration to the event industry – from creating personal event experiences, harnessing the newest technology, how to find innovative and relevant sustainable solutions, clever event production ideas, engaging event marketing hacks, mental health, and well-being, and so much more.

Hosted by the event technologists at Church House Westminster, this series explores the future evolution of events against the influence of the pandemic. Collaborating with our industry friends, suppliers, colleagues, and peers, conversations are honest and cover a myriad of expectations and perspectives

Session 3 – Tuesday 27 April, 10.30am 

“The art of corporate team-building”

For this special session, we are delighted to welcome Helen Saxton, founder of Teams Unpuzzled. We’ll start the event with a real treat – an interactive introduction to one of Helen’s renowned murder mystery stories! We’ll then explore the importance of corporate team-building experiences against the current impact of the pandemic, we’ll discover the options for virtual as well as in-person team-building experiences, and Helen will share her top tips for creating engaging team-building activities for your teams.

Meet our special guest:

Helen Saxton 

Helen is the founder of Teams Unpuzzled, creating unique team-building activities based around her very own murder mystery stories! She facilitates them with the help of her talented team of actors, taking pleasure in releasing teams from their usual work environment and allowing them to team build in a non-threatening and light-hearted way.

Like the rest of the world, Teams Unpuzzled went virtual last year and over the past few months, they’ve successfully delivered team building events, Christmas entertainment, and even birthday parties online to thousands of people from global corporates to small businesses.

Helen is also currently writing a book about true crime cases and the amateur sleuths who follow them.

Watch the conversation on YouTube.

Click on the image below to watch a recording of the session. 

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