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Cleaner air walking routes

29th June 2022

To coincide with London Climate Action Week, we take a look at cleaner air walking routes to Church House Westminster. Our sustainability policy includes our commitment to being net-zero by 2030. We are conscious of our social responsibilities with r...

Drone photography

17th February 2022

Recently Church House Westminster welcomed Damian Kwasnik, cinematographer, licensed drone pilot, and photographer to its seventh-floor rooftop for a full day’s drone photography shoot. Damian has over 15 years of experience in the film and TV indu...

Hotels near Church House Westminster

1st September 2021

Looking for hotels near Church House Westminster, London? Welcome to a world of choice. Arguably one of London’s favourite destinations for events, Westminster offers visitors an unrivaled experience encompassing royalty, politics, and history....

Guided Westminster tour experiences

7th April 2021

Guided Westminster Tour Experiences – Our Marketing Manager, Elana Kruger, recently interviewed Mark Conroy, London expert and official London Blue Badge Tourist Guide, from the virtual studio at Church House Westminster.  Mark Conroy is also...