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The ultimate guide to organising a last-minute summer party

You’ve booked your Christmas Party but now you are thinking about hosting a Summer Party. If this sounds familiar and you are finding it difficult to justify a mid-year soirée, it is useful to remember that events for employees are so much more than just having fun. Parties, team-builds and get-togethers offer great business benefits such as improving company culture and strengthening teams.

Or, are you thinking you may have left it too late? If you have only recently started thinking about hosting a Summer party and have not done much planning yet, we are going to show you just how easy it is to organise a stand-out Summer party on short notice. Follow these 5 easy steps for a Summer party that offers a wow-factor from start to end.

1. Make it memorable.

Remember that food takes central stage, but presentation and variety are key. Go for grazing stations that will allow guests ample time to socialise in a relaxed environment. Church House offers a London street food market concept where food stations recreate a festival feel which is sure to engage guests. Keep it local by going for a delectable H. Forman & Son salmon carving station, a real talking point at receptions and on-trend for summer events.

2. Incorporate innovative ideas to match your brand and objectives.

The event is your stage, so bring some theatre to your event. Summer parties are synonymous with outside space, but why not bring the outside, inside? The unique dome shape of the Assembly Hall is massively versatile and offers lots of flexibility for different event formats and event styling ideas. How about a centre-stage DJ booth, along with a silent disco which offers several playlists to choose from? Shake up the timings and format of the event. Opt for a Wimbledon, World Cup Cricket, Nottingham Carnival or BBC Proms theme with a live screening of all the action. Try an interactive afternoon tea party instead of the usual evening reception. Theme your event based on a film or movie.

3. Introduce interactive fun

Delegates will stay longer if the event is entertaining. How about a mind-controlled drinks pourer that can be fully-branded or themed? Check out Thirsty Thoughts. Or opt for a DYI ice-cream pop-up with unusual flavours and colourful toppings galore. Looking for a team-build idea as part of the event? Team up with a charity and do an activity together to create much-needed provisions before the party gets into full swing.

4. Set the social scene

Put event tech to use by creating online social sharing opportunities with a photo booth or a selfie frame, along with some (appropriate!) party props.

5. Strive for sustainability.

Offer nutritious and healthy menus that celebrate local food and drinks. Our G&T tasting activity features London gins and many of our menus can be tailored to offer many or only plant-based items. Have a chat with our in-house audio-visual team to discuss lighting ideas to enhance your event. Many of our lighting options negate the need to supply single-use props to theme the Assembly Hall.


Explore our Summer party venue or contact one of our award-winning coordinators for more information and to arrange a tour.


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