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Springboard charity Nepal trek March 2017- the journey has just begun!

Our Catering Manager, Magdalena took part in the Springboard Charity Nepal Trek and now she is back and has told us all about her trip.

A week ago I came back from a truly life changing adventure. I was taken out of my comfort zone and pushed to my limits everyday – but I loved it. I saw things I could never have imagined, met some amazing people and became part of a great community, whilst helping a Nepalese school that was hit by an earthquake back in 2015.

We landed in Kathmandu on the first day, the altitude was 1330m, and from there we started our 5 day trek through the mountains, camping every night in freezing cold conditions without hot water or any other facilities.

The first night we camped in Phaplu a mountainous trekking town (2364m), the second and third night at Alpine Meadow Camp (3200m) and on the last day we reached the highest point at Pike Peak (4000m). From there we trekked down to the Lura village (2000m) where we spent the next 4 days, working as a team carrying out hard manual labour, to do all we could to help repair the damages cause by an earthquake in 2015 at the Manju Shree School.

I have come back feeling stronger with a better understanding of life. I made a lasting difference to the lives of people less fortunate than myself and I gave something back. A beautiful and very emotional experience – Manju Shree Primary School has a special place in my heart. Phaplu – Lura till the next time.

If you would like to donate towards the school it’s not too late

Thank you for all your generous support and below are some pictures of my journey.



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