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Spotlight on Sustainability at Church House – Waterless Urinals


Spotlight on Sustainability at Church House – Waterless Urinals

Our commitment to sustainability remains a priority, and despite being a Grade II listed building, we are still making strides in sustainable innovation.

We want to provide everyone with a warm welcome. That includes making sure that our venue is truly ‘A Place To Inspire’ , but is also eco-friendly (among other things!)

We’re always looking at reducing our carbon footprint and one of the many ways we have done this is by investing in waterless urinals.


All about waterless urinals

We have 72 urinals in Church House and on average these originally consumed about 7.5 million litres of water a year. This was costing about £1 per day, per urinal. Added to this were ongoing costs of maintenance, repairs and cleaning. We knew there had to be a more sustainable solution.


  • Reduced water consumption

We have saved 7.5 million litres of water a year by switching to waterless urinals!

  • More hygienic

No water – no flush to touch – a win-win scenario for all.

  • Odor reduction

Another huge bonus is saying good riddance to unpleasant odours that need strong chemicals and filtration to deal with.

  • Less maintenance required

Waterless urinals have a much simpler design, meaning flooding or blockages don’t happen.

  • No need for harsh cleaning products

Our team keep our toilets clean using sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning products, rather than harsh chemical cleaners with pungent off gases which were often seen as a necessary when cleansing traditional urinals.

  • Saving precious resources

On average, each person in the city uses 143 litres of water per day! We are playing our part in conserving water not just for our business, but for the wider community.


Eco-friendly event planning with Church House

Planning an event with us means you will receive help from your own dedicated event coordinator, as well as experiencing a venue that mixes English heritage settings, with modern and sustainable amenities. Our team are ready to speak with you, get in touch via our contact form, or call us on 020 7390 1590.








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