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Spotlight on Sustainability at Church House – Spray Cork Insulation


Spotlight on Sustainability at Church House – Spray Cork Insulation


At Church House, Westminster we are on the journey to Net Zero 2023! We are passionate about our building’s history and combining that with modern & sustainable amenities. One big step that we’ve taken is introducing spray cork insulation in our building. Let’s explore the topic!


The lowdown on spray cork insulation 


The application of spray cork insulation brings a host of benefits to our venue and the environment!


  •     Insulation for all seasons

Did you know that cork is a natural insulator? It has a low thermal conductivity meaning our building is kept warm in the colder months – and cooler in spring/summer.

  •     Reduced energy consumption

Less heating and cooling of specific rooms and the building overall means energy consumption is greatly reduced, meaning lowered carbon outputs and cost savings.

  •     Sustainable material

Cork is 100% natural, renewable and recyclable. After the initial period of 25 years, a cork tree can be stripped and harvested every 9 years. This can continue during the cork trees entire 200-300-year average lifetime. This means a cork tree can be stripped and harvested many times during its life.

  •     Multiple uses

Spray cork insulation can be used on both walls and roofs as it creates a watertight barrier. One of the main benefits for us is that it offers sound absorption properties, meaning noise transmission between spaces is greatly reduced.

  •     Fire resistant

Unlike other forms of insulation, cork is naturally fire-resistant – an added bonus!

Sustainable Events at Church House

If you’re looking for an event venue that takes sustainability seriously, talk to our team. We offer you the option to track your event’s carbon footprint, as well as having a host of sustainable menu options to choose from. Get in touch via our contact form, or call us on 020 7390 1590.


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