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So many questions and only one answer!

So many questions and only one answer!

Robin Parker, our General Manager shares his opinion on the current climate.

Will the exchange rate really make a difference or are we just too expensive anyway? Do Europeans still love Britain or have we blotted our copy book and become the bad boys of Europe? And will it be hard or will it be soft? So many questions and only one answer, I don’t know!

Last week I went to an annual seminar which is usually full of insightful information, facts and industry trends. However this year, while still being a very pleasant afternoon with industry colleagues, it completely lacked any actual information or facts. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that once again the answer is, they don’t know either! It seems that no one is prepared to stick their neck out and commit to giving an answer to the many questions keeping us all awake at night, and to be honest, who can blame them.


Another seminar I attended recently claimed that enquiries were up 41%, now that’s good news! But are they converting? Again I don’t know! My personal experience of the current market would probably say, not at anything like that rate. Conversations I have had with other venues and likeminded folk would also suggest that no one is expecting a bumper year, but on the other hand, the bottom hasn’t fallen out of the market either? Or has it? I just don’t know, because nobody is telling me, and my crystal ball is currently about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike!

So what has really changed since June last year? There has been a lot of huff and puff, the Government has produced a White Paper and we have been threatened with broccoli rationing. Meanwhile the world continues to turn and the England cricket team continues to struggle against spin bowling! To be honest I really don’t know what all the fuss is about, will someone please wake me up when something actually happens!

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