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Coffee does really give you energy!

This is quite literally the case at Church House Westminster with our newest recycling initiative.

We serve over 80,000 cups of coffee every year to delegates attending conferences, meetings, training sessions and seminars at Church House Westminster. We have found a cost-effective and sustainable way to reduce our venue’s carbon footprint by having all the waste coffee grounds recycled by a bio-bean factory. A specialised treatment process produces bio-fuel pellets which is then used to power bio-mass boilers.

Recycling waste coffee grounds prevents waste going to landfill and incineration. Every year in the UK 1.8 million tonnes of CO2 emissions are generated by coffee waste disposal. By recycling the coffee waste, Church House Westminster is not only improving its environmental credentials but also reducing its carbon output as bio-fuels are carbon neutral and their use displaces fossil fuels.

Church House Westminster is committed to working in a sustainable way and minimising the venue’s impact on the environment. We hold a silver award for Green Tourism, which means that event organisers who are trying to make their events more environmentally friendly can look forward to working with an in-house team that underpins their sustainability objectives.



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