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Points to Remember when Planning Your Next Training Day

Points to Remember when Planning Your Next Training Day


Training days – love them or hate them – they are here to stay! Some individuals relish the chance to get away from the workplace and mingle for the day – others are dreading the thought of classic training day experiences (did anyone mention role play?)!Our team have put together some points to remember when planning your next training day, giving your team and colleagues something to write home about, instead of something to cringe about!


“Are You Not Entertained?”


  • Speakers

It’s great to invite speakers to your event that are from outside your work environment, or who are within your industry to provide expertise and insight. Are there any well-known faces that would be interested in speaking to your team? This will add a new and interesting layer to your training day; as your team have the opportunity to learn and interact with someone new.


  • Keep it interesting!

Keep your programme interesting by avoiding classic formats. Include a mix of activities that include listening, participating, and even physical activity – there’s nothing worse than spending an entire day being talked at!


  • Get people thinking

Group brainstorming sessions, problem-solving, quizzes, and dare we mention it…role play? Consider what your colleagues may enjoy and get the most out of activity-wise – the point is to get people thinking about their roles, how these interact with others, and how you can improve to become a more successful team and business.


Don’t forget the essentials


  • Food and Drink

One aspect that everyone attending a training day looks forward to is lunch! Give your colleagues a treat worth tweeting about (make sure to tag @ChurchHouseConf of course!). Our caterers Searcy’s have some delicious options to explore!


  • Regular breaks 

Your team will get fatigued quickly if regular breaks aren’t scheduled throughout the day – aim for 1 morning and afternoon break, as well as a lunch break at a minimum. Also, consider where breaks are in relation to the intensity of different parts of your programme.


  • Outdoor and indoor space 

Choose a venue that has both indoor and outdoor space to give your colleagues the chance to get some fresh air and a change of scenery. Our clients love the Bishop’s Partridge Hall for the variety it provides, being that it has an open-air balcony that overlooks outdoor space; that can be accessed through the lower floor at our Dean’s Yard Entrance.


  • Additional flexible event space

Choose a venue that offers a variety of spaces – it’s always good to consider having a breakout room for your colleagues who may need some quiet time to recharge, or even need a space to quietly catch up on emails in the breaks.


  • Accessibility

 Select a venue that caters to visible and non-visible disabilities. This can be anything from wheelchair access to considering sensory concerns with light and sound. Ask your venue about their accessibility measures, as well as asking your colleagues if they have any requirements you may not be aware of.


  • Location, location, location

Consider how well-located your venue of choice is. Is it easily accessible by public transport, and in a central location; are there hotels nearby? Ensuring your venue is easily accessible will add to the enjoyment of the day!


Consider these points and your team will be able to benefit from a training day to remember – for all the right reasons! If you’re looking for more help with planning your next training day call us on 020 7390 1590 or email us via our contact form.


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