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Ingredients (serves 6):


8 conference pears, skin on, cored and cut in to medium chunks

4 plums, stone removed and quartered

170g sugar

1 whole star anise

1 vanilla pod, split and seeds scraped

Zest and juice of 1 orange

125g chopped dates

1 cinnamon stick


125g granola

275g plain flour

125g unsalted butter, diced

125g caster sugar

125g macadamia nuts, roasted and chopped

Oven temp 180˚

Place all of the filling ingredients in a suitably sized pan and simmer on a low heat for 25-40 minutes, stirring occasionally

Once the fruit has collapsed remove from the heat

Meanwhile, rub the flour, sugar and butter together in a bowl or electric mixer with a k beater attached until it resembles breadcrumbs

Transfer the breadcrumb-like mixture to a roasting tray and bake for 5-9 minutes in the oven until the classic crumble like appearance is achieved

Add the granola and nuts to the crumble topping

Pour the fruit mixture into an ovenproof dish and top with the topping

Bake until warmed through

Absolutely delicious with custard, ice cream or chocolate sauce with a few flecks of sea salt chucked in to be different!!