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Mindfulness during lockdown

“When will this all be over, and when can we go back to our “normal” busy, fun and exciting lives filled with regular meetups in bars, friends, restaurants, holidays abroad? It all seems so far away now.”

Without realising it we all have developed our personal guilty pleasures which have become an important part of our lives. In our old life small things like glass of red wine accompanied by a three-course meal in a nice restaurant with our friends would make us satisfied and happy. When we lose a connection to our sources of happiness, we feel lost, life suddenly becomes colorless and not that exciting anymore. “How does our future look and will we ever be able to live the same lifestyle again?”, we think.

But what if we are wrong and these pleasures are not the source of our happiness. What if they are a distraction, an obstacle to it? This lockdown might be the one lucky moment in our lives to finally think about ourselves.

If we think about it, we now finally have the time to invest in ourselves, to learn and to grow. We don`t have to hurry to work each morning and arrive home late at night. We can really take care of ourselves, and our physical and mental health. Healthy diets, online exercises, free online courses, time spent virtually with our family, time to plan our lives or change career paths. Isn`t this the real source of happiness? Seizing the current moment and being mindful of how we choose to invest the time in the here and now.

Instead of wondering when this will be over, and saying ‘if only…”, why not embrace this time and live fully in the moment. You deserve it!

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