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Our favourite books for World Book Day

As today (2nd March) is World Book Day, here are a few of our team’s favourite books!

‘Oh the places you will go!’ by Dr Seuss

Recommended by Ana, Events Administrator

It is a beautiful children’s read, Dr Seuss talks about how life is, with its ups and downs, in a way that children can understand. It tells you that life won’t always be easy, but that you are more than capable to go through with whatever it throws at you. It is easy for children to read as it’s quite short, it’s one of mine and my children’s favourites.

Any books by Kimberley Chambers

Recommended by Sue, Client Relations Manager

She writes about East end families and their lives exploring betrayal, violence and love. All of her books keep you hooked until the end, I pre order her next novel every time I finish one.

Image result for before i go to sleep book

‘Before I Go to Sleep’ by S J Watson

Recommended by Emily, Business Development Manager

So hard to choose a favourite book, but I really enjoy reading thriller books and would recommend this one to anyone.

Image result for limitless alan glynn book

‘Limitless’, Alan Glynn

Recommended by Leah, Senior Events Coordinator

Brilliant book, much better than the movie, it had me completely hooked from start to finish.

Image result for the forty rules of love

‘The Forty Rules of Love’ by Elif Shafak

Recommended by Alison, Operations Manager

One of my favourite books is ‘The Forty Rules of Love’ by Elif Shafak.  It is a book I come back to again and again.  Within its pages I find solace and inspiration when I have had a hard day.  This book appeals to my fascination with the synchronicities and meaning of life and reminds me of what is important whilst stopping me sleepwalking through my day-to-day existence.  Like a good friend, it is there in the difficult times to remind me of the bigger picture and give me a reality check, to help restore my optimism and realise that I cannot change what happens to me but I can change how I react to other people and events.

All of the Harry Potter books, J.K.Rowling

Recommended by Robin, General Manager

Going to have to go with all of the Harry Potter books! My kids grew up with them, so it is a family thing!

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