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Our DO`s and DON`Ts when exhibiting

As the new Sales and Marketing team at Church House we have now exhibited and attended a number of different trade shows ranging from the smaller venue showcases including the Embassy Event Expo to the 2 day Square Meal show. Here are our top trade show do’s and don’ts!


•           Plan how your stand will look

Your stand reflects the experience visitors can expect at your venue. We have found that less words and large images used on your graphics are more interesting and likely to grab the attention of passers-by

Make your stand appear as welcoming as possible. If you are opting for furniture, try not to let it create barriers or make your stand less accessible for visitors

Choose something different to giveaway that visitors will remember, our most popular so far seems to be our branded lip balms and nail files which are not just for the women!

•           Capture your data

Always have a method of recording contacts and enquiries. Our favourite was the Cvent lead capture scanner at the Conference & Hospitality 2017 show where we were able to attach notes to each visitor we scanned

Get a business card, despite the digital technology we have these days we find that sometimes getting a physical business card can be really useful psychologically to scribble down some quick notes and help remember people and discussion point later on

•           Remember those that you meet

Although it is very important to let people know that you will be at the show by sending mail outs and social media posts during the run up to the event, it is even more important to follow up with those that you meet

Follow up emails with your brochure or requested proposals, invite in for a site visit or venue showcase, and connecting on LinkedIn are all key!

•           Wear suitable footwear

Particularly for those ladies wearing killer heels, we suggest taking a spare pair of flats to give your feet a rest during those long exhibiting hours


•           Turn up late

Getting to shows in rush hour can be a nightmare, especially in London. Make sure you plan your journey and give yourself plenty of time to set up your stand before the show officially opens- Citymapper is our life saver!

•           Be unwelcoming

Try your best not to exhibit negative body language and don’t be territorial- If we can’t do an event due to capacity we always make sure that we refer the visitor to someone we know can do it

•           Weigh yourself down with literature

We have noticed that visitors are becoming less and less likely to take a brochure and prefer to be sent information online. Save yourself the hassle of bringing stacks of literature or try uploading your brochure to branded USB sticks

Next up for us we are off to pack our suitcases to fly over to Frankfurt! We will be exhibiting with London & Partners on stand F400 at IMEX Frankfurt on 16th- 18th May. If you would like to arrange an appointment with us, please visit



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