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Orange and Cointreau pancake souffle

Orange and Cointreau pancake soufflé



100g flour

110g milk

100g eggs free range

Pinch salt


Crème pat 

500ml milk

100ml double cream

4 orange zest

1 vanilla pod

125g egg yolks

60g cornflour

50g butter



150g egg whites

300g sugar


Orange syrup

150ml sugar

2 oranges segments and juice

100ml Cointreau



1.Make the pancakes but combining all the ingredients together and making a pancake as per normal, place greaseproof paper in-between so does not stick

2. Make the crème pat by bringing the milk, cream, vanilla and orange zest, pour over the egg yolks, butter and cornflour bring back to the pan and whisk hard till the mix comes away from the pan chill with clingfilm over the top to stop a skin

3. Make a meringue by whisking the sugar and egg white tip over your head if the mix stays there it is brilliant

4. Fold the meringue and into the crème pat and place in the pancake, fold the pancake over to make a pasty shape, put 2 together and cook in oven for 10 minutes at 160oc

5. Segment the oranges and place the sugar in a pan when starts to colour make sure don’t burn and then place the Cointreau in the pan THIS WILL FLAME so watch out for your eyebrows add the orange segments an reduce and pour over the pancakes and enjoy!!


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