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For the last few months we have been talking about our new 4K projection system in the Assembly Hall, but what does it all actually mean? Here are the answers to some of the questions we have been asked over the last couple of months.

Q.         Is it going to be more expensive?

A.         No, all the prices remain the same and will only be subject to the normal annual rise in January

Q.         What difference will it make to my event

A.         It will give you a much bigger and clearer image on the screen, a bit like buying a new, much larger TV at home

Q.         Will it still be OK to put my presentation on a memory stick or send it by email as I have done in the past?

A.         Yes

Q.         So what can I actually do differently?

A.         We now have lots of different options, including having two screens. This is popular with clients who like to have their speaker centre stage and the presentation on either side. We also have a seven metre wide panoramic  screen. That’s as technical as I am going to get!

Q.         Why did we do it?

A.         When you have a Grade 2 listed venue it is very difficult to make any substantial structural

changes, but what we can do is improve the technology. It has therefore become our mission to put the very best technology into a unique setting.

For those of you with more technical questions Ian Locke our AV Manger will be more than happy to go through the full capability of our new 4k projection system. But for luddites like me it is simply bigger, brighter and better!

For more information please do get in touch via our contact form or give us a call on 020 7390 1590 to discuss your event.