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Private Dining

Private dining is becoming an increasingly popular term when referring to the entertaining of clients, but what does it really mean? And when does private dining become a large dinner or banqueting? Is it about the location? For example, does private dining only apply to a restaurant? Or is it guided by size? And if so,what is the cut off point?


At Church House Westminster one of our biggest growth sectors is dinners. Whether we call them private dining, dinner or banqueting we are regularly serving three course meals to anywhere between 10 – 370 guests.


My problem though is how to market this? Do we go for the word dinner, and risk receiving hundreds of enquiries for quiet romantic candlelit dinners for two? Or do we use the term banqueting and make ourselves look like something from the 1970’s? If neither of these work, this leaves the term 'private dining', but is dinner for 370 really what people expect when looking for private dining? So confusion reigns when choosing key words, for our marketing campaigns.


From a client’s point of view there might also be confusion when using the term 'private dining'. Whilst a restaurant may have a private dining area, guests may not have the privacy they require within what is still a public space. On the other hand for smaller groups a restaurant may be able to offer more flexibility in menu choice. There’s also the support clients will receive. Restaurants have a focus on the consumer experience whilst a venue has the knowledge, expertise and resources required to help organise and support a private event from start to finish.


With more and more people looking for an exclusive dining experience there are plenty of opportunities for all, and to be honest what’s in a name anyway! At the end of the day it should be all about the quality and what fits the event!



For more information please do get in touch via our contact form or give us a call on 020 7390 1590 to discuss your event.


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