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New branding leads to increase in enquiries

Recent research has revealed the positive impact that our rebranding has had on our business.


From March, we became known as Church House Westminster, with the rebrand forming part of a strategic plan to strengthen our position in future.


At the heart of the rebrand was our new website. Analytics have shown that page views on the website have increased by 86% with visitors staying on the website for 15% longer, compared to the same period in 2015. The number of online enquires has also increased significantly by 34%, with a 72% increase in the number of email enquiries being received.


Our General Manager, Robin Parker, commented: “The rebrand was part of a strategic plan to strengthen our position as an events venue. The results are already showing that it has had a positive impact on the number of business enquiries we are receiving, and we hope to capitalise on this going forward as more people want to hold events in the heart of the capital. By building on this success we can continue to grow in the years ahead.”


We also carried out a survey amongst our clients to gather their feedback on the rebrand and new website. The results revealed that, on average, respondents rated the ease at which information could be found on the website at 4.65 on a scale of one (extremely difficult) to five (extremely easy). Respondents also rated the clarity of information on the website at 4.46, visual appearance at 4.54 and navigation at 4.42, all rated out of a score of five.


Comments from visitors to the website included “A good clean website with good information. No fluff and everything easy to navigate,”, “Fresh, visually striking, upholding of the values of Church House,” and “All you need to know at a glance.”


Robin concluded: “The rebrand was a milestone in the venue’s history. We value our client’s opinion, so felt it was important to get their feedback. Their comments have been extremely positive and mirrors the results we are experiencing, which puts the venue in a very strong position for the future.”

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