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Did you give up sugar for Lent ? Our top tips to curb the sugar cravings!

As lent is upon us and one of the most popular things to give up are sweet treats whether it be chocolate or sweets! We have put together some healthy alternatives that we think can still satisfy your sweet tooth and get you through to Easter!

  • Nut butter is great to curb a sweet tooth, spread on slices of apple pear or on a cracker
  • Greek yoghurt with honey or a handful or berries or both
  • Baked apple slices with a sprinkling of cinnamon are delicious
  • Banana ice cream, this one needs a little preparation: Peel bananas, slices them in to chunks, freeze for 1-2 hours on a plate and once they are frozen blend them to make an amazing & healthy banana ice cream!
  • Dates , whether they are whole, chopped or pureed they are a great natural sweetener
  • Energy bites (we have a great recipe for these here)
  • Freeze some grapes, they taste similar to a handful of mini sorbets!
  • Smoothies are one of our favourites, even in a bowl with some granola and berries

If anyone else knows of any great sweet snacks to curb cravings during lent, tweet us and let us know @churchhouseconf

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