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National Deskfast Day

Happy Deskfast Day! Yes, you have read it right, it is National Deskfast Day on 12th April, which is an amalgamation of both desk and breakfast meaning the first meal of your day eaten at your desk at work.

Some of us just want to spend an extra few minutes in bed, some can`t have Breakfast straight after waking up and some just prefer to have it in the office at their desks. Whatever the reason may be, many of us still prefer to have our first meal of the day at our desks. This is why it’s a great opportunity to celebrate National Deskfast Day!

Nutritionists thought it`s unhealthy not to eat your breakfast at home, however with time it has been proved that people are choosing more healthy and sugar-free options when buying breakfast to eat at work rather than having it at home. Most popular breakfasts to have in the office are breakfast muffins, sandwiches, porridge and sometimes a healthy green smoothie.

One of the theories behind why people started eating breakfast at their desk was because of the recession in Europe in 2008, people feared for their jobs and worked longer hours. Coming in the office earlier and leaving later meant people needed an option which allowed them extra time in bed in the mornings, which is when ‘deskfast’ was born.

Here at Church House, we have spotted a trend towards our clients wanting healthy breakfast options to fuel up their delegates who are arriving for a meeting or conference from all over the country and even overseas. We understand that having a range of breakfast options is important, so our menu covers all options from an English breakfast to a Goji Berry and Cranberry Bircher shot. See out breakfast menu here


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