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Our lockdown music playlist has boosted our moods and improved our mental health.

As we put this playlist together collectively over the weeks of lockdown, we realised how powerful these songs have been in helping us to relax, cope with a new kind of stress, and elevating our well-being during these challenging times.  Physically, we’ve been exercising and all-out dancing to these songs and mentally we’ve included music into our everyday lives to help amplify positive motivation and energy. 

Listen to the playlist on Spotify – click here.


Times Like These, BBC 1 Stay Home 

Live Lounge Allstars   

This charity cover of the Foo Fighters’ rousing song had us all emotional as we sang along to the Live Lounge Allstars: “It’s time like these we learn to live again…”. 


Love Again

Dua Lipa 

Some of us found this song oddly familiar as it features a sample of the 1997 hit by White Town called “Your Woman.” Marina, our Business Development Manager is a big fan. “We’ve all learnt to love again”, Marina commented.  


Automatic Driver 

Le Roux, Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, the Creator remixes La Roux’s Supervision single, “Automatic Driver,” and gives us a laid-back version, ideal for kicking back and relaxing. Our Marketing Manager, Elana, hits play and the volume button on this tune when mixing early evening cocktails. Cheeky!   


I Know Alone


This song was released during lockdown and the lyrics are eerily sincere “Been a couple of days since I’ve been out”. Although inspired by the band’s feeling of loneliness after returning from tour, we can’t help but make this song our own amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Saved My Life


Sia debuted this song during Americares’ COVID Is No Joke Livestream fundraiser. The performance was a beautiful stripped-down version of the song, bringing the positive message of the song to the fore. 


People, I’ve been sad

Christine and the Queens 

We’ve enjoyed various heart-wrenching performances by the lead singer from their Parisian flat during lockdown, most notably during One World: Together At Home on April 18. In this song, where she sings about missing out, “forsaken things for way too long”, we can all identify. 



Stereo MC’s

When logging on to the next Zoom call, this earworm is on repeat at the back of our minds. We may be social distancing, but we are more connected than ever. Thank you, Skype, Google Meet, Messenger Rooms, MS Teams, and WebEx! 




A firm favourite of our Sales & Marketing Assistant, Veronika. She confirms that it delivers all the motivation you need whether you are exercising or decluttering your life. 


Break My Heart 

Dua Lipa 

At first, we thought Dua Lipa was channeling INXS ‘Need You Tonight’ with this ’80s-inspired tune which gave us plenty of nostalgia as we resolved to stay at home. 


I’ll be there for You

The Rembrandts

Our General Manager, Robin, has secretly admitted that this song is one of his most-listened-to, due in part to the fact that he’s been watching too many repeats of Friends. We are here for you, Robin! 



Maroon 5

Sigh, this strikes a special chord: ”Here’s to the ones that we got, Cheers to the wish you were here, but you’re not”. How many of us have re-lived the memories of life and people before lockdown in our dreams? 


Be Kind

Halsey, Marshmello

We’ve approached our life in lockdown with this mantra: kindness to ourselves and others. 


Say So

Doja Cat 

Yes, we’ve discovered a new parallel universe on TikTok and we’ve loved improvising the moves to this song. 


The Other Side

SZA, Justin Timberlake

So, we missed the film release of ‘Trolls World Tour’ and we longed to sit in a cinema theatre, but we couldn’t help heeding to their advice: “Hey you, Stop stressing ’bout what you’re missing”. 


New Me

Ella Eyre

Many of us have used this time in isolation to reinvent ourselves, prioritise what’s important, and charter a new path to the future including personal life goals and alternative career prospects.  


Work From Home

Fifth Harmony, Ty Dolla $ign

The new normal? Working from home in all its glory: swanky Zoom backgrounds, Wi-Fi issues, and a glaring laptop screen when trying to work in the sunshine. The last one is not us, no, never. 


Wake Me Up 


On some days we couldn’t help but sing: “Wake me up when it’s all over”. 


The Sweet Escape

Gwen Stefani, Akon 

Depending on who you are isolating with, it got a bit hairy at times and excuses for behaviour went like this: “Cause I’ve been acting like sour milk that fell on the floor, It’s your fault you didn’t shut the refrigerator, Maybe that’s the reason I’ve been acting so cold”. Yes, we were planning our sweet escape! 


Hey Ya! 


What else to do than “shake it like a polaroid picture” whilst doing the dishes for the 37th time in one day? 


Poker Face

Lady Gaga 

We’ve found all sorts of activities to pass the hours, including playing cards and perfecting our poker face. 


See You Again

Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth

We couldn’t wait to hug our friends and kept reminding ourselves: “It’s been a long day without you, my friend, And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again”.


Counting Stars

One Republic

We found ourselves looking at the stars late at night as our lives slowed down and oddly finding happiness and dreaming new dreams. 



Imagine Dragons 

This unprecedented time also made us aware of our imperfections and allowed us to acknowledge and battle our insecurities. 


Don’t You Worry Child

Swedish House Mafia, John Martin

We were strong, holding it together for our children and loved ones. 


Bohemian Rhapsody 


Rising in the morning we wondered “Is this the real life, or is it just fantasy?”. 


Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It 

Will Smith 

Dancing in the Summer sun at our very own quarantine BBQ, singing: “I got the fever for the flavor of a crowd-pleaser, DJ play another”. 


Jump Around

House of Pain 

PE with Joe Wicks saved us from jumping across the ceiling and throwing our hands up. Instead, we were doing frog jumps, scissor jumps and squat jumps with the kids. 


Spice Up Your Life

Spice Girls

We’ve discovered the joys of cooking with creative recipes and new flavours.  


Groove Is In The Heart 


As we looked out for vulnerable neighbours in our communities, caring for them lifted our hearts and spirits. 


Freedom! 90

George Michael

The soundtrack whenever we left our houses, even if it was just putting the bins out, hoping for a natter with a neighbour outside. 


If Everybody Looked The Same 

Groove Armada

The need for hairdressers right now is super strong. 


Virtual Insanity 


The new reality, please save us from technology! 


You gotta be 


We agree with Des’ree on this: “love will save the day”. 



Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Box breathing, long baths, and even longer walks – we’ve tried them all. 


I’m still standing

Elton John

We never gave up, looking like a ‘true survivor’


Let’s Dance

David Bowie

A bit like when life gives you lemons, but Bowie’s idea is much more fun: “put on our red shoes and dance the blues”. 


Video Killed The Radio Star

The Buggles

We beg to disagree, video conferencing killed the news! Why are journalists secretly competing to see who has got the largest bookshelves showing in the background?  


Cruel Summer


In many ways an unusual Summer, with some driving their families to a castle in Durham to get their eyes tested. 


Hold the Line


When those 2-metre social distancing markers were introduced at shops, we all agreed to toe the line. 


Power of Love 

Huey Lewis and the News

We felt the power of love as we clapped for our carers on Thursdays. 



Earth, Wind & Fire

We gasped as Ireland confirmed that their pubs will open in August and schools in September.   


Lovely Day 

Bill Withers

A brilliant daily reminder to be grateful.  


Love Train

The O’Jays 

On 2 April half of “people all over the world” was on lockdown. This song celebrates that soulful solidarity and shared love.


Another Brick In The Wall

Pink Floyd 

One word… homeschooling! If you’ve been a stand-in (pretend) teacher, we salute you. 



Stevie Wonder

Where there is a pandemic, you will see conspiracy theories and miracle cures including the one about bleach. Do not inhale bleach, ever. 


I will survive 

Gloria Gaynor

The handwashing song of the pandemic: I will survive as long as I know how to wash my hands.


Lean on Me

Bill Withers

We were calling our friends and making sure they know we’re here for them to lean on us. 


Good Times


We were planning the who, what and where of future good times and meet-ups, even though the when had a big question mark over it. 


When will I see you again? 

The Three Degrees 

Hoping for the answer at the daily government briefing. 


London Calling

The Clash 

All our favourite London places were out of bounds and the roads eerily quiet. As Londoners, we missed the buzz of our city. 


Viva La Vida 


Bravo to life! May recent events inspire us to celebrate life.   


What is playing on our lockdown music playlist? Let us know on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn or Instagram.  

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