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Meet the team – Marina Papadopoulou

Meet The Team – An Interview with Marina Papadopoulou – Head of Business Development


At Church House, we are passionate about holding inspirational events! Our award-winning team, as well as our stunning venue, are the reason for our success.

Marina has been with us for over four years, and has come to shape the business development function of the business, promoting and connecting event professionals and clients to our venue – facilitating great events!

We interviewed Marina about her time with us so far, and what she enjoys most about working at Church House.

Tell me about yourself and how your journey with Church House began.

Four and half years ago I received a call from a recruiter asking me if I was available for an interview – I wasn’t actively looking but I said yes, why not! I will never forget the feeling I had when I walked into the lovely Dean’s yard – when I had the first show around I knew that this was the venue I wanted to represent.

Almost four days after I received a phone call – congratulating me on my new job at the Church House Westminster!!!! Since then, my love for Church house has never faded, it continues to grow, and I still enjoy being part of the team, and representing our venue on every occasion.

What do you enjoy most about your work at Church House?

It is located in the most historic, vibrant, iconic area in London surrounded by some of the most well-known landmarks of the world.

Church House Westminster is a Grade II listed building, yet still manages to keep pace with current event trends – from advanced technology to sustainability refinements – we are a venue that can cater to almost every client need.

I like how versatile and multifunctional our venue is too – meaning we can host an array of types of events, from conferences to gala award dinners & fashion shows. I feel proud to work with an amazing team in an outstanding venue.

How have you seen the events industry change over the last five years?

The event industry continues to change each year because of the influence of innovative technology and fresh concepts. Customization and delegate experience are key areas that every event planner needs to cover and prioritize. Social Media and the power of likes also play a huge role in sales, activation and event performance. Sustainability is also top on the agenda; not only for the event organizers but also for participants, venues, and suppliers.

Do you have any top tips for business development executives who are beginning their careers?

Be yourself – people connect and work with authentic people. Don’t be afraid to network, connect, & provide value to others. Last, but not least! – always try to go the extra mile!!!

For help with your event inquiry, or to book a show round of our venue, please get in contact with us via our contact form or give us a call on 020 7390 1590. to discuss your event.


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