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Meet the team – Callum Hutchison

Meet The Team – An Interview with Callum Hutchison – Production Technician

Our #MeetTheTeam series gives readers a chance to delve into the lives of the people behind the scenes!

Since joining the team, Callum has played an integral part in bringing our events to life. His specialist skills as a Production Technician in tandem with his equally experienced colleagues in the AV team mean we are one of the few venues that are able to provide our clients with a highly personalised service – giving them the ability to provide their guests with event experiences that are nothing short of show-stopping!

We interviewed Callum about his time with us so far, and what he enjoys most about working at Church House.

Tell me about yourself and how your journey with Church House began.

I have been a production technician for around 9 years and have worked in various sectors of the live events industry. This has included roles within theatre, cruise ships, small venues and now the world of corporate AV; it was this shift into the corporate/conferencing world that led me to Church House. After just one meeting with the rest of the team, I knew this was the place for me! Hearing Bradley’s (the Head of Production) vision for the production team convinced me straight away and I felt it was the perfect opportunity to jump into something new.

What do you enjoy most about your work at Church House?

As someone who has such a keen interest in AV, I would have to say the amount of in-house kit and technology that we have at our disposal to use on the events. Having such a large amount of equipment readily available means we have so many options for our clients to choose from. Further to that, working with such a knowledgeable team really motivates me as we are always learning from each other. We take pride in our work and are all very keen to make sure all the events run as smoothly and professionally as possible.

Are there any events you have worked on that were outstandingly memorable?

One of the most memorable events, and probably my favourite so far, was the Pink News Awards Show in 2022. The set-up for this event was very unique and it took a lot of preparation, rigging and testing. The elements our team had to work on ranged from multi-camera live streaming, a choir performance, lots of video content, lighting design across the venue and much more. I was lucky enough to be responsible for designing the lighting for the event; I had to make sure that the ambience was just right throughout the venue and that the lights complimented the bespoke stage set and room layout in the Assembly Hall. I am incredibly proud to have worked on this event!

What advice do you have for anyone who would like to forge a career in the events industry?

First and foremost, I would say that it is important to technically challenge yourself. I am always working on techniques that I can apply to any scale of production — whether it’s streamlining my setup time or trying to get the best audio from a panel discussion. As they say, practice makes perfect. From a wider events perspective, I would say that you must be ready for anything. Live events are just that – live – so things can change very quickly. Flexibility and quick thinking are top key skills when it comes to putting on a show.

If you would like to talk to our in-house AV team about lighting, audio, staging or just about anything when it comes to audio-visual support for your event, get in touch. Hosting your event at Church House means as well as your own personal event coordinator, you will also have access to your own audio-visual technician. Contact us now or give us a call on 020 7390 1590 to discuss your event.



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