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Welcome to a new era of hybrid events

Hybrid events may be the norm now, however, as a hybrid events venue, Church House Westminster has provided streaming services and other interactive in-person and virtual event elements prior to Covid-19, which were then often deemed as mere add-ons to events.

Now, with a view on reopening and rebuilding safe post-Covid events, Church House has developed a creative hybrid event solution that places physical-virtual events centre stage and offers event organisers a world of new opportunities.

Bradley Hill, Audio-Visual Manager at Church House Westminster comments, “With the onset of Covid-19 we have taken a conscious decision to consider the overall delegate experience when it comes to events. That’s why we have innovated our hybrid event solution and we provide it now hand in hand with our in-house event production expertise. This personal approach guarantees a bespoke solution for every hybrid event, driven by each corporate event strategy and is inspired by the unique level of interaction required”.

What can event organisers expect from the new hybrid event offer?  

  • A further step up in audio-visual and production capabilities
    • Green screen facilities and state of the art lighting to facilitate impactful presentations. High bandwidth connectivity, ensuring top level audio whether live streamed or pre-recorded.
  • Adherence to Covid-secure measures
    • The use of hybrid event technology allows social distancing with smaller on-site audiences and speakers, whilst utilising remote application and integrating remote locations.
  • Maintaining a human connection to create memorable events
    • Face to face events can never be replaced. Bradley believes that by helping event organisers to curate event experiences that are more targeted, audiences will be more engaged. Church House offers a free demonstration of the event technology at the initial enquiry stage which aims to demonstrate the flexibility and resourcefulness of the technology.
  • A greater range of event formats to choose from, including web conferencing, remote presentations, live streaming and digital conferencing.
  • Increased event attendance and a chance to reach new audiences.
    • For the medium term in-person audiences are bound to be more local and smaller whilst virtual audiences, will be international and larger. Hybrid events bridge that divide.
  • Data driven events, allowing organisers to make informed decisions which can steer current difficult marketing budgets successfully.

Find out how to harness the advantages of new hybrid event technology by requesting a complimentary demonstration with Bradley Hill.

For more information please do get in touch via our contact form or give us a call on 020 7390 1590 to discuss your event.