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How to make sure your customers come back?

Many businesses are investing their time and money in finding new clients, but it is also equally important to make sure your existing customers come back. To sell the service is only first step to success, the true challenge is to provide excellent customer service and exceed your client expectations. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to accomplish it. So what is the secret behind it and how do you achieve repeat business?

We have come up with few top tips on how to provide exceptional customer service and give your clients a reason to come back.


1)    Genuine care.

You can always feel the difference between genuinely caring customer service and forced interaction. The secret to this is to hire people with soft skills and train them well. Well trained staff will have greater knowledge of how to deal with a difficult situation. A person with soft skills will take every client seriously and will demonstrate a genuine care.


2)    Be prepared to invest in your customer service.

Business need to understand the value of improved customer service as returning clients generate more revenue than new business if they keep coming back. So invest in staff who will communicate well and provide the kind of service that will bring a client back to your venue


3)    Listen to feedback.

Feedback questionnaires are very important to maintain great service as well as find out about the issues that you might not be aware of. Listen to what they say and make changes, only this way you will maintain a good service.


4) No news is not always good news.

When you don`t receive any feedback, be proactive and ask for it. Silence is not always good as customers may feel you are not interested in their feedback.


5) Communicate with the customer.

Make sure there is a way for a client to reach you if they have a query. A quick solution to a problem on the day may avoid later issues. Sometimes clients just need piece of mind that there is someone out there who is looking after them. So always be accessible to the client, by phone, walkie talkie or by just being there each time there is a break in their event.


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