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Graduation ceremony returns

On Friday 25 June 2021 Southbank International School returned to Church House Westminster for their 2021 graduation ceremony.

The much-anticipated day saw a series of events staged at the historic Westminster venue to celebrate the graduation of the class of 2021. The graduation ceremony, which was attended by 300 guests, took place during the day in the Assembly Hall. Various other event spaces, also located on the first floor were utilised as well to support the day’s proceedings, including the Hoare Memorial Hall where refreshments were served as well as the Bishop Partridge Hall where selfies were taken from the stunning stone balcony with Dean’s Yard as an iconic backdrop.

In the evening 115 guests arrived for a stylish dinner, hosted in the Assembly Hall, with pre-dinner drinks served in the nearby Hoare Memorial Hall.

With event restrictions changing swiftly in the lead-up to the event, Leah Markham, Senior Event Coordinator at Church House Westminster, pro-actively navigated the planning for the event to minimise uncertainty.


Leah comments: “From the onset, we discussed all possible scenarios for the event, considered alternative event formats, and agreed on suitable outcomes and flexible cancellation terms. Although the students were excited to finally attend an in-person graduation ceremony, it was important to provide an online alternative for those who could not attend physically to make sure they are able to experience the event in an inclusive setting. On-site safety was communicated pre-event, which included the use of the asymptomatic testing site in the Harvey Goodwin Suite, physical distancing, mask guidance, and rigorous cleaning procedures. We were prepared for fluctuations in attendance numbers if attendees were to isolate, and catering arrangements remained as fluid as possible.


Michele Key, PA to the Executive Principal/HR Manager, Southbank International School:

“A very big heartfelt thank you to Leah, Vedrana, and Sue for ensuring that yet another graduation went ahead under your expert organisation. It was indeed a challenge given the current restrictions to ensure the class of 2021 could actually celebrate their graduation. Parents, graduates, and Southbank staff were enthralled at the occasion and the live streaming proved to be highly popular – we will continue to provide this feature. A big thank you to Bradley and his team for their patience and efforts to produce a well-captured and high-resolution production. Your team certainly managed to turn the Assembly Hall around and shine that night. The food was a success for which we thank Danny, Louise, and Rob. Our ‘secret service’ maître d’ provided high service and entertained us to no end!”

Erica Bain, SLT Assistant, Southbank International School:

“I share Michele’s sentiments. The event was wonderful despite the restrictions. The feedback from parents, students, and the staff was encouraging and positive. A tremendous ‘Thank you!’ to Louise and Danny for their patience and understanding with the impromptu changes to seating, etc from beginning to end. Your maître d’, Rob, and staff did an excellent job on the night in accommodating the various requests and changes with grace and tact. Many thanks to Verdana, Sue, and the staff for managing the night and keeping things under control, and ensuring we all had a lovely evening. Also, Bradley and his team for the fabulous music and amazing lighting. Finally, a massive ‘Thank you, Leah!’ for all your hard work in putting everything together. We are looking forward to the 2022 Graduation at Church House Westminster. “.

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