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Fit For A King – How to “Keep Calm and Carry on” when organising a Royal Event!

Fit For A King – How to “Keep Calm and Carry on” when organising a Royal Event!


From sovereign royalty to political royalty, we’ve been known to host an imperial shindig or two in our time.

Having originally been founded to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887 and, shortly after our re-opening in 1940, being requisitioned by Prime Minister Winston Churchill as a base for both Houses of Parliament during the Second World War, we were, quite literally, built for this.

Since then, we’ve hosted the first meetings of the United Nations General Assembly and the United Nations Security Council in 1946, as well as receptions for both her late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II’s, funeral in 2022 and the coronation of King Charles III in 2023.


The Royal seal of approval

Just like our Royal family, Church House has a history, charm and character all of its own. From our breathtaking 30-foot glass dome, a spectacular architectural focal point in our Grade II listed Assembly Hall and a unique feature amongst London event venues, to the stunning period features found throughout the building which make each room one-of-a-kind and each event truly extraordinary.

From our unparalleled levels of personal service, which see 60% of our clients return time and again, to the awe-inspiring backdrop that is Westminster Abbey. From 19 eclectic events spaces to everything you need under one roof, including an in-house production team, an expert catering partner in Searcys, and a dedicated events team – our venue and facilities really are fit for a King.


Regal realities

Now, forget Bridgerton (I know, it’s where everybody’s mind goes), Royal events today do not involve corsets, choreographed partner dancing, or “taking a turn about the room”. What they can involve, however, despite the honour and privilege of being asked to host such a momentous and iconic event, is nerves.

So, how do you remain calm when the King of England asks you to step up?

  1. Focus on what you do well – it’s so easy to get caught up in the gravity of the occasion but remember, your venue has been asked to do this for a reason and that reason is your expertise. The reputation you have earnt, the strength of your skills. So, take a deep breath, marshal the troops, and do what you do best.
  2. Have a plan. Have a plan B. Repeat all the way to X, Y and Z. You can better handle any unforeseen circumstances that might come your way if you’ve tried your best to prepare for every (and we mean every) eventuality – just like Winston Churchill did in our Assembly Hall!
  3. Recognise (and appreciate) the fact that you are only human. Mistakes happen, but getting yourself into a spin, rather than keeping a cool head and swiftly handling it, is only going to turn a non-situation into a situation – as the government told the general public in the lead up to World War Two, “keep calm and carry on.”
  4. Remember your values – for us, they centre around behaving ethically, caring for our people and our building, offering solutions, and providing excellence of service. We use these as our guiding light (our crown jewel, if you will) to keep us grounded, focussed and true to who we are. As much as the event is, of course, about the Monarch, it’s also about your venue and if, at its end, you know in your heart you stood by your principles then, whatever happened, you did your best and that’s all you can ever ask of yourself.
  5. Be prepared to give up some, okay all, beauty sleep. Often rehearsals can only take place at night given the secrecy and sensitivity which can surround Royal events so, yes, you may be a few hours in sleep debt, but you’ll sleep like a baby after the event with the knowledge that it ran like clockwork (and breathe!)


What would His Majesty do?

Despite the nerves, the lack of sleep, the outright terror that everything will go wrong and your imminent invite to the annual Royal Garden Party will now also be rescinded (I’m not sure which is worse), when duty calls you channel your inner monarch, elevate your game and become a source of national pride. The best of British to you all.


Events at Church House

Whether you’re planning an annual conference, award ceremony or reception – our conference venue has a range of flexible rooms to hire that are ideal for a range of events. Our flexible spaces can accommodate up to 600 delegates and can be adapted to fit all event requirements.

Our conference venue in Westminster, Central London, features a perfect blend of character and modern functionality including natural light, LED screens or projectors, air conditioning, elegant styling, and first-class production facilities. Our venue has won multiple awards for our events, catering and production expertise.

If you are looking for a venue with an experienced team of events, production and catering experts to bring your event vision to life – get in touch with us via our contact form, or call us on 020 7390 1590.


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