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Extension of Stage 3 for events, explained

The Prime Minister announced an extension of Stage 3 guidance for events on the 14th of June, which means that the easing of restrictions for larger events as set out in Stage 4 has been delayed until 19 July 2021 – for now.

We answer 11 of your questions related to the updated guidance for events during Stage 3

  1. Question: What are the capacity limits for business events? Answer: Indoors, 50% of the venue’s capacity, a maximum capacity of 1,000. The capacity limit does not include staff.
  2. Question: What if, during my event, attendees will arrive and depart at different times during the event? Answer: This is fine, as long as your event’s capacity at any given time during the event does not exceed the indoor limit.
  3. Question: What if other events are taking place at the venue at the same time? Answer: A venue can host more than one event in line with the capacity limit per event, as long as the events do not encounter each other (or mix in any way) on the day.
  4. Question: What if I want to host a multi-day event? Answer: This is fine, as long as you adhere to the event’s capacity limit per day.
  5. Question: What types of events are allowed? Answer: Our Covid-Secure venue can host conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, charity auctions, charity or gala dinners, awards ceremonies, and corporate hospitality.
  6. Question: What are the capacity limits for weddings, civil ceremony and wedding receptions? Answer: no more than 50% of our indoor capacity.
  7. Question: What actions are Church House Westminster taking to mitigate the risk to public health? Answer: In addition to our Covid-Secure measures which adhere to all legal requirements, we conduct a Covid-Secure risk assessment for all events.
  8. Question: How would receptions, private dining, and banqueting events work? Answer: Food and drinks will be table-served. Face masks are required, unless exempt, when guests are moving, but not when consuming food and drinks at tables. Tables will be physically distanced, be it two-metre, or one-metre-plus mitigation. Groups of no more than six to be seated at a table (or two bubbles).
  9. Question: What implications are there for entertainment? Answer: No dancing on a dance floor, and to discourage shouting and singing, music volume must be low. Also, see additional social distancing measures below.
  10. Question: What social distancing measures will be in place? Answer: Two-metre social distancing or one-metre-plus mitigation if two-metres will not possible. Our teams monitor social distancing during events and we work closely together with organisers and utilise event furniture, one-way systems, and signage to effectively guide social distancing for attendees on the day.
  11. Question: Do attendees or staff need to provide evidence of negative tests upon arrival? Answer: This is not required, however, we offer a free on-site asymptomatic testing site at our Harvey Goodwin Suite, which organisers, event attendees, visitors, and our teams are welcome to use. We can reduce the spread of the virus by getting tested regularly.

For more information please do get in touch with us via our contact form or give us a call on 020 7390 1590 to discuss your event