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Photo & Film Location Venue

A Space To Discover

Our Film Location Venue is located within leafy Dean’s Yard and offers a peaceful setting along with stunning views of Westminster Abbey.

Church House Westminster: Your Ideal Filming
Location Venue

Welcome to Church House Westminster, the perfect filming location venue for your next project. Situated in the heart of London, our historic and versatile space offers a unique backdrop for a wide range of filming needs. Whether you’re shooting a movie, TV show, commercial, or photo shoot, Church House Westminster provides the perfect blend of architectural beauty, modern amenities, and convenience. Let us take you on a journey through what makes Church House Westminster an exceptional choice for your filming needs.

Location and Accessibility

Located in the iconic Westminster area of London, Church House Westminster enjoys a prime location surrounded by historic landmarks, bustling streets, and picturesque views. Our venue is easily accessible by public transportation, with several major train stations and tube lines within walking distance. Additionally, ample parking options are available nearby for crew and equipment transport.

Historic Charm

Steeped in history and architectural grandeur, Church House Westminster offers a stunning backdrop for your filming project. Our Grade II listed building boasts beautiful period features, including intricate stone carvings, soaring ceilings, and elegant stained glass windows. Whether you’re looking for a setting that exudes old-world charm or a backdrop for a period drama, Church House Westminster provides the perfect ambience to bring your vision to life.

Versatile Spaces

With a variety of versatile spaces available for filming, Church House Westminster can accommodate productions of all sizes and genres. From grand halls and majestic staircases to intimate meeting rooms and modern conference facilities, our venue offers a diverse range of settings to suit your specific requirements. Whether you’re filming a large-scale production or a smaller-scale project, our flexible spaces can be tailored to meet your needs, ensuring a seamless and successful shoot.

Modern Amenities

In addition to its historic charm, Church House Westminster is equipped with modern amenities to support your filming needs. High-speed internet access, state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, and dedicated production support services are available to ensure a smooth and efficient filming process. Our experienced events team is on hand to assist with logistics, technical requirements, and any other needs that may arise, allowing you to focus on bringing your creative vision to life.

Professional Support

At Church House Westminster, we understand the importance of providing professional support to ensure the success of your filming project. Our experienced events team has extensive experience working with film crews, production companies, and location scouts, and is committed to providing personalized assistance every step of the way. From initial planning and logistics to on-site coordination and post-production support, we are here to help you achieve your filming goals with ease and confidence.

Church House Westminster offers a truly unique and inspiring filming location venue in the heart of London. With its historic charm, versatile spaces, modern amenities, and professional support services, it provides the perfect setting for a wide range of filming projects. Whether you’re shooting a movie, TV show, commercial, or photo shoot, Church House Westminster offers everything you need to bring your creative vision to life. Contact us today to learn more about our filming capabilities and discover why Church House Westminster is the ideal choice for your next project.

Exterior Style

The general style of the building exudes a delightful sense of unity with the buildings of the Precincts which they had in the medieval days, echoing the familiar face of the old Dean’s Yard. Flint-work was chosen not only for a strong looking and rich base to the high superstructure but also for its durability and cleanliness. The terrace features old stones from the older Abbey building, giving strength and dignity to the façade. Stunning sash windows above the flint-faced lower story, interspersed with stone-mullioned windows are set within the flint-work where the masons have shown their greatest skill.

Interior Style

Once inside, the film location venue offers stylish backdrops which include both intimate rooms as well as large airy spaces. Polished English oak paneling, Art Deco chandeliers, and classically inspired architectural details can be seen throughout the building. Curved corridors and modern staircases accommodate both live-action shoots and still photography. The extensive and versatile film location venue provides 19 event spaces of 2,000 square metres that can easily accommodate wardrobe changes and catering areas.

Rooftop Views

Stunning 360-degree rooftop views across central London from the 7th floor of the film location venue is ideal for news reporting, shooting pieces to camera for interviews and documentaries or photography shoots with iconic London landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye as a backdrop.

The Ideal Setting