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Church House Westminster Hosts Tamil Heritage Month Event

Church House Westminster Hosts Tamil Heritage Month Event


The vibrant colours, rhythms, and flavours of Tamil culture took centre stage at Church House, Westminster, on January 15, 2024, as the community came together to celebrate Tamil Heritage Month. This event, organized by the Tamil Cultural Association, marked a splendid showcase of traditions, art, and unity. The event was held in the grand Assembly Hall , a stunning space designed by world-renowned architect Sir Herbert Baker in 1939, featuring a striking 30-ft glass dome.


Church House was illuminated with lively traditional music, setting the tone for a day dedicated to celebrating the rich tapestry of Tamil heritage. Attendees were treated to a sensory feast, experiencing the diverse and captivating facets of the culture through dance, music, and art.

The event commenced with the traditional lighting of the Kuthuvilakku lamp, symbolizing the dispelling of darkness and the ushering in of prosperity.


The program featured mesmerizing classical and folk dances that narrated tales of Tamil history and mythology. A musical ensemble, blending traditional instruments with contemporary sounds, showcased the evolution of Tamil music over the years. Attendees were enchanted by the vibrant costumes, intricate choreography, and soul-stirring melodies that transported them to the heart of Tamil Nadu.


Among those in attendance were key members of the community including community leaders; organisers; and members of parliament, who each gave speeches emphasizing the importance of recognizing and honouring Tamil heritage. Distinguished individuals were honoured for their contributions to promoting and preserving the culture in the diaspora. Their dedication and tireless efforts were acknowledged, underscoring the importance of fostering cultural pride and identity.


Thangam Debbonaire; Shadow Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport in the UK commented “Tamil people enrich this country in so many ways…”


Catherine West, Shadow Minister for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs also gave a speech where she commented “…I hope to see some justice done and live up to the aspirations of the UN resolutions….”


Gareth Thomas, MP for Harrow; also in attendance added “…there is a continuing need for justice for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.”


About Tamil Heritage Month:

Tamil Heritage Month is an annual celebration that aims to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Tamil community. The month-long festivities include a variety of events, showcasing traditional arts, music, dance, cuisine, and more.


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