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Top tips for Christmas Day celebrations

Instead of a recipe this month we have put together our Christmas top tips!

  1. With your radiators and fires blaring out heat during these chilly winter months, your Christmas tree can become extremely dry before the big day. To avoid this we recommend regularly spraying with water mister! When you buy your tree, cutting off the base will enable the water to be easily absorbed (if it’s possible for you to cut the base!)
  2. We have all spent ages trying to light our Christmas Puddings with matches and often miserably fail. Instead try heating the brandy on a tablespoon until it lights and then pour onto the pudding. It should light evenly and stay lit for longer!
  3. Ever had that panic when an unexpected visitor turns up over the Christmas period with a gift for you and the family? Make sure you wrap a few emergency presents to save you from not being able to return the gift.
  4. Dinner on Christmas Day is always a rush, with getting all of the dishes out on time proving to be the biggest challenge. As well as trying to prep what you can in advance, try warming your plates in the dishwasher to save some much needed oven space.
  5. Being the focus of the festive table, we all feel the pressure of presenting the perfect turkey. Try cooking the bird breast down with root vegetables underneath to keep the meat moist and make a full and flavoursome gravy. Make sure you don’t forget to turn the turkey the right way up before carving!