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Today it was announced that the real Living Wage rate in London will rise to £10.85 per hour, an increase of 10p compared to last year. Every year the Living Wage Foundation reviews the current rates to ensure the real Living Wage is always reflective of the country’s current economy and is independently calculated based on what people need to live on.

Given the impact of the pandemic, it is hoped that the increase will provide a much-needed boost to workers and their families in what is an incredibly challenging time for all.

As a Living Wage Employer since 2014, Church House Westminster is part of a growing network of now almost 7,000 employers across the UK setting a moral standard for business, ensuring everyone can earn a decent standard of living. The latest research shows that 20% of all employees still pay less than the real Living Wage and that the hospitality industry had the highest proportion of jobs paying below the Living Wage.

Church House Westminster is calling upon all other venues in the events industry to follow suit and commit to becoming accredited Living Wage employers. By joining this initiative, employers will be able to provide security and stability during current hard times. 

Why pay the real Living Wage?

A fair day’s work should mean a fair day’s pay!

Not only does paying the real Living Page recognise hard work with a deserved reward, but it also benefits employee well-being. Since becoming an accredited Living Wage employer in 2014, the Westminster venue has reaped the benefits with higher employee engagement rates and increased productivity. These gains have also encouraged Church House Westminster to adopt smarter job designs and more efficient skill utilisation. Increased staff retention and employee motivation empower the Westminster venue to continue to offer award-winning client service.

As an accredited employer through the Living Wage Foundation, all the staff, both directly and indirectly employed at the Westminster venue, including contracted staff, porters, catering, cleaning, and temporary staff will receive the increased rate.

It is absolutely the right thing to do for business as Robin Parker, General Manager of Church House Westminster, commented: “Being an accredited Living Wage employer, a badge we are very proud to wear, has made Church House Westminster more competitive and improved our reputation. We have been able to differentiate ourselves from other venues in the industry as we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Clients appreciate the fact that we have a visible statement showing that we care deeply for our team members, which has subsequently resulted in new business on several occasions. Equally, as far as the events industry is concerned, paying a real Living Wage improves professionalism in the events industry, which is critical in attracting new talent, and for those considering joining the world of hospitality and events to view such an opportunity as a long-term career option, and not just a stopgap”.

Meet the team at Church House Westminster.

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