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Veronika Kabrun

Summer staycation Ideas

5th June 2020

Have you been considering Summer staycation ideas lately? We’ve found ourselves thinking and planning experiences for us to enjoy once lockdown is behind us. Top of our list was to travel (surprise, surprise!). Although it is not sure when the “n...

Top 10 TV Series for lockdown

15th May 2020

What are your top 10 TV series for lockdown? We’ve recently asked our team for their favourite TV series recommendations and we’re proud to say that this resulting Top 10 list is an eclectic mix of pure and unbridled TV watching enjoyment...

Mindfulness as a source of happiness

8th May 2020

We explore why we should live in the moment and embrace mindfulness, even more so during lockdown in order to care for our wellbeing. “When will this all be over, and when can we go back to our “normal” busy, fun and exciting lives filled with...

Chocolate Profiteroles

20th April 2020

A delicious and easy recipe for chocolate profiteroles.  Ingredients 50g butter (preferably unsalted), cut into cubes 2 tbsp caster sugar 75g strong white flour sifted with a pinch of fine sea salt 2 eggs, lightly beaten 300ml double cream few drops...