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6 Tips for hosting a Hybrid Conference

“Hosting a successful hybrid conference requires careful balancing of in-person and online experiences”, comments the Head of Production at Church House Westminster, Bradley Hill.

The best of both worlds

The benefits of a hybrid event format are multi-fold: from the ability to reach larger, almost unlimited, audiences, lower costs (depending on your chosen hybrid conference event platform), to delivering a sustainable event by substantially reducing corporate travel.

Walking a thin line

However, event organisers can only exploit the full potential of a hybrid conference if it commits to provide engaging content with both in-person and virtual event elements.

Know your audiences and draw a clear distinction between their unique requirements. For example, in-person attendees, communicating event safety in the lead-up to the event will be key. On the other hand, virtual attendees can easily be distracted online, which means organisers need to think of unique ways of keeping attendees engaged and connected.

How to balance in-person and online experiences when hosting a hybrid conference:

  1. Provide ample on-demand content for virtual attendees during the event.  Use our virtual studio to record on-demand videos for your event’s on-line library.
  2. Schedule regular wellness breaks throughout the hybrid conference that allow virtual attendees to step away from the screen.
  3. Control question and answer sessions with a dedicated host and utilise a platform that increase audience engagement, such as Glisser.
  4. Prepare speakers for a hybrid format. Think shorter presentations with high impact supported technically with multiple camera angles.  Amplify content by providing downloadable assets during the event and on-demand.
  5. Bring virtual attendees into the room with video walls and event apps such as slido.
  6. Build your community by creating messages throughout the event cycle that builds anticipation, encourages connections, and accommodates shared learning opportunities.

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