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<h1>5 things I have learnt from exhibiting</h1>

This is Part 1 of 3!


As a busy 2017 draws to a close, we have been looking back on the past year and the nine exhibitions that Church House Westminster attended. There have been some firsts for me as Business Development Manager, including two international shows!

Here are five things that I have learnt this year from exhibiting:

  1. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” 
    ― Benjamin Franklin

Firstly we have to let our clients know that we are going to be at the show! Of course we are there to increase the awareness of the venue and to introduce ourselves to clients who didn’t know about us, but we are not just looking for new clients. Touching base with existing clients, building our relationships and staying in their minds is also hugely important as we greatly value our repeat business! Leading up to the show we talk about where to find us on social media, in our newsletters and we give our stand location and exhibition dates in our email signatures!

Then there are the simple and practical preparations that we need to make such as organising a lead scanner for the show! An obvious necessity, but what I have learnt this year is that some scanners have the option to write notes which has been invaluable for personalising follow up emails and being able to provide the relevant information!

As well as bringing enquiry forms, we mustn’t forget to bring loads of pens! Pens seem to have a habit of disappearing throughout the day with the steady flow of visitors and nobody wants to be seen rummaging at the bottom of their handbag with a client waiting when all of the pens have gone! Another simple suggestion that hadn’t crossed my mind before but has proved very useful is bringing a stapler to staple business cards to the enquiry forms.

And finally it sounds like something your granny would say, but wear comfortable shoes! I learnt this the hard way at the start of the year, even my most “comfortable heels” were far from comfortable 8 hours later! Not only is a pained facial expression unwelcoming on the stand, but the journey home at the end of a long day laden with a banner and multiple bags is now much more pleasant with my new cushioned and flatter shoes.

Look out for part 2&3 of Emily’s blog which will follow in the next few weeks, we will post on social media and upload them to the website.

For more information please do get in touch via our contact form or give us a call on 020 7390 1590  to discuss your event.


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