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4 tips for a unique wedding reception

Whilst it’s one of the most exciting things to get started on, wedding reception planning can get a little overwhelming when you’re trying to think of ways to make your day feel personal and unique to you and your partner. According to Confetti, most couples spend 7-12 months planning a wedding, so it’s no wonder it feels like it can take over your life in the build-up!

Our four top tips are guaranteed to spark inspiration to make your day reflect you both and the things you love.

Incorporate your hobbies and interests

One of the easiest ways to make your wedding reception feel unique to yourself and your partner is to incorporate your hobbies and interests. This can be a great way to help choose a colour or decoration theme for your day, too.

If you both have a film you love or went to see on a first date, why not screen that film during the day? It will be something different than your guests remember, and they may well love a chance to relax after your meal before the evening party.

Think about how your hobbies could be incorporated in more subtle ways if you don’t want to completely theme the wedding day. If you’re keen gardeners, you could give away plant cuttings or seed packets as your wedding favours for a personal touch.

Don’t follow conventional timings if you don’t want to

If a long, all-day and all-night wedding is not your idea of fun, change it up! If you’re an early bird, how about a morning ceremony followed by a champagne brunch? If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of a long day, you and your partner could then set off for the afternoon to have some time together to take it all in.

Another different spin on conventional timing is to opt for a twilight wedding reception! You can have your ceremony in the early evening (think beautiful dusky light) and go straight into the evening party. There are so many great options for photos, from fairy lights to sparklers, that will make a twilight wedding look beautiful and memorable. There are also lots of great tips out there to nail the perfect sparkler wedding photo.

Different ways to involve family

When you plan a wedding reception, you can feel pressured to involve certain family members just because tradition dictates it. That long-lost second cousin might look cute as a flower girl, but don’t feel you have to choose family members you aren’t close to. Some couples have had the unique idea of having their grandmothers walk with them down the aisle as bridesmaids or flower girls instead!

Another unique way to involve family is to ask them to be part of your day if they have a certain skill. You might have a relative who is a talented performer, or someone who is brilliant at arts and crafts who can help create your décor. They’ll be touched to be asked to be part of it and it’s a lovely personal detail for your day.

Think about YOU

A unique wedding reception doesn’t have to be completely quirky and far removed from convention. Often, it’s the little personal touches that add up and make it memorable – such as your choice of rings, or the way you’ve styled your outfits. Think about the things you and your partner love and what matters to you, and by focusing on those details you’ll find your wedding quickly becomes unique and special.

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