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2024 Event Trends

2024 Event trends


Event planning is always evolving – the last few years have certainly challenged us and shown just how much we can adapt and change – 2024 is no different.

As Event profs, we never rest on our laurels – keeping up with the changing landscape is key to our continued progress and improvement – staying abreast of the latest trends is a job in itself – so the team at Church House have saved some of the work for you by explaining them below:


  • Experience-led events

Events in 2024 must offer stand-out features. The best organisers are thinking about inventive and unusual ways to engage their attendees. Ideas like pop-ups, immersive events, and the use of augmented reality during events are becoming more popular.


  • Sustainable events

This year, events will be even greener as we steadily progress towards many organisation’s goals of achieving Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030. eco-friendly practices become the norm. Whether it’s sustainable menu options, hybrid meetings or events with fully digital collateral, sustainability remains at the top of the agenda in 2024. At Church House, we take sustainability pretty seriously, and we are ahead of schedule to reach net zero carbon emissions.


  • Breakout sessions and spaces

Attendees being engaged in the event programme is important – and so is the opportunity to take a breather and have the chance to connect with attendees in different ways. Well-being is a key focus in the events industry – considering that attendees may need some time out; time to make personal calls or just to sit and rest for some time without having to leave the venue is important – breakout spaces are the perfect solution for this and have risen greatly in popularity.


  • Inclusive spaces and venues

It’s no longer an option to be inclusive, it’s a necessity – and rightly so. Accessibility options and programming that enables diverse individuals to benefit are essential to the success of your event. Every guest can bring a unique perspective to an event. This should be reflected in the services provided.


  •  Hybrid events

While in-person events are crucial for one-to-one interaction, the opportunity to provide hybrid options for attendance is needed for flexibility. It’s one of the best ways to widen the impact and the reach of your output, and it also adds to the sustainability credentials of your event.


  • Interactive content/live streaming

This year, think about features like Q&A sessions, interactive dialogue platforms, and collaborative virtual workshops, as well as digital breakout rooms for your hybrid events. These features will increase guest engagement by providing a good mix of audience participation, as well as taking in the event programme.


Plan your 2024 event at Church House


Take your event to the next level in 2024 with an event held with us at Church House, Westminster. Our experienced events team are ready to talk to you – get in touch via our contact form, or call us on 020 7390 1590 .




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